Monday, April 30, 2007

Enhance Brainpower

As I was browsing through my teammates recent blog posts I came across an article that Ashley found through another classmate. It was an article called Why Exercise Boosts Brainpower. It was about a study done on mice to grow new cells resulting from exercise. These new cells would be in a part of the brain that effects memory in adults starting at age 30. Similar to Ashley, my grandfather has Dementia, the early stage of Alzheimer's disease. Although it seems far fetched that exercising would actually grow these new cells in the brain and improve your memory, at least they are still working to come up with some type of treatment for Alzheimer's patients that can at least slow down or lessen memory loss. I think it is a great idea and hope that in the near future something can be created to help this disease. It would be interesting to find out a little more about the process.

Google Adwords

Recently, we have been discussing Googles Adwords and how websites can pay per click to gain a higher ranking on a Google search. This past summer I interned at a small human resource company in New York City called Retensa. I was the Marketing Associate, job that entailed pretty much all online advertising. I basically registered the company website in as many search engines and yellow pages as I could find. We also had an Adwords account where I would identify the most popular words people would search to find a website like Retensa. I would track how well our Adwords were working at bringing customers to our website. It was very interesting how the keywords worked and how websites can pay per click and pay per call to attract more viewers. Companies can really use many of Googles resources to market their website even without spending loads of money. Everyone should take a look at how Adwords works and the amazing things the Internet lets you do today.

Google not only is there to help big businesses that have big budgets, but small local businesses as well through their coupons and free listings. To find out more about Googles free offerings that will benefit any size company their is a great article to read called Google Local: For More Than Just Local Businesses.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Guest Speaker

In class on Friday, the creators of came to class to talk about how they started and what their company is all about. I thought it was very interesting because I had never heard of DealCatcher and enjoyed hearing about how their site works. The President and founder of the company, Dan Baxter, was actually a student of the University of Delaware and did not know his concept would be such a big hit. Baxter was only looking to help his family and friends save money and show them where to go to get the right discounts and find coupons that can be beneficial. Instead the site gets over 35,000 hits a day and increasing at a rapid pace. I will definitely check out the site on a more frequent basis and tell my family and friends about it. I think it is very helpful especially if you have a product in mind that you are looking to buy. You can put that product as a special keyword and DealCatcher will contact you when special promotions or discounts are available for the specific product you are searching for.

Keep updated on the stiugxela search engine experiment.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Stiuqxela Test

It will be interesting to see if we can get the word stiugxela a high rank in a google search linking to the Packers webpage. It will show that this is how companies, organizations, and people get their website more "google juice" in the internet world. I think it will be a fun test for the class to try.

Spring Break

Over Spring Break I went to Cancun. It was an amazing time. The weather was beautiful, the hotel was very nice, and the food was much better than expected. My flight to and from Cancun was also very smooth. The whole trip was a success and I had a relaxing and wonderful time.

I actually had chosen Cancun, Mexico as one of my Wikipedia articles to edit. I am going to add a few more sites to visit and some hotels that I heard were great as well. I already added some different clubs and bars tourists can visit while on their stay in paradise.