Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mainstream Media

As I was searching through some of the new articles I have no read yet on my feed, I came across an interesting one about an upcoming conference in New York City regarding blogging in the business world. It is called Penelope Trunk On How To Connect To Mainstream Media. Penelope Trunk will be talking at the only conference that focuses on women bloggers. I think that is a very fun and interesting idea, especially in the world today more and more women are top executives and have a real presence in corporate America. Penelope will speak about many helpful topics for bloggers in the business world. Her first piece of advice is to use a blog to market yourself. It is the best way to let people see who you are. Also to get noticed link to the persons blog you want to notice you. If you want a journalist to write an article about or mentioning you, link right to their blog or post on their blog. I think this will be a veryinteresting conference and Penelope Trunk seems to have a lot of advice to give new bloggers in business.

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Ashley Goldberg said...

I agree that this is a great idea especially since women are becoming more prominent in the business world. I think it is really important that they have a voice and can come together. A conference like this was a great idea and interesting to hear about.