Monday, April 30, 2007

Google Adwords

Recently, we have been discussing Googles Adwords and how websites can pay per click to gain a higher ranking on a Google search. This past summer I interned at a small human resource company in New York City called Retensa. I was the Marketing Associate, job that entailed pretty much all online advertising. I basically registered the company website in as many search engines and yellow pages as I could find. We also had an Adwords account where I would identify the most popular words people would search to find a website like Retensa. I would track how well our Adwords were working at bringing customers to our website. It was very interesting how the keywords worked and how websites can pay per click and pay per call to attract more viewers. Companies can really use many of Googles resources to market their website even without spending loads of money. Everyone should take a look at how Adwords works and the amazing things the Internet lets you do today.

Google not only is there to help big businesses that have big budgets, but small local businesses as well through their coupons and free listings. To find out more about Googles free offerings that will benefit any size company their is a great article to read called Google Local: For More Than Just Local Businesses.

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Tyler Randall said...

That's great that you have real-life experience with the topic of Adwords and keyword search. Did your company ever invest in any SEO, like the services offered by our guest speaker? You mentioned that Google is good for both big and small businesses. Do you feel that the business you worked for was given a competitive advantage by using adwords. Also, are you working there after graduation?