Monday, April 16, 2007

Guest Speaker

In class on Friday, the creators of came to class to talk about how they started and what their company is all about. I thought it was very interesting because I had never heard of DealCatcher and enjoyed hearing about how their site works. The President and founder of the company, Dan Baxter, was actually a student of the University of Delaware and did not know his concept would be such a big hit. Baxter was only looking to help his family and friends save money and show them where to go to get the right discounts and find coupons that can be beneficial. Instead the site gets over 35,000 hits a day and increasing at a rapid pace. I will definitely check out the site on a more frequent basis and tell my family and friends about it. I think it is very helpful especially if you have a product in mind that you are looking to buy. You can put that product as a special keyword and DealCatcher will contact you when special promotions or discounts are available for the specific product you are searching for.

Keep updated on the stiugxela search engine experiment.


Tricia Lyons said...

I am on the same page as you in how I had never heard of dealcatcher before they came to our class before, and was astonished that they were graduates of the University of Delaware. I thought their presenatation was a great way to show us young entreprenurs that it is possible to go out there and be successful. I also now have a great new place to shop for deals.

Jarman said...

No doubt dealcatcher is a good coupons site, but u can also try CouponAlbum for some great online coupon codes.