Monday, May 14, 2007

Ipods Disrupting Pacemakers?

One of the articles in Global Neighborhoods discusses Ipods disrupting the beat of a pacemaker. This is a very interesting topic and should be studied much more. Ironically, in my English class someone had just done a project about cellphones and new electronics causing cancer when held too close and too often to the skin. In this case I could definitely see there being some relationship between the Ipod and pacemaker. The Ipod somehow messed up the beat of the pacemaker even when the Ipod was not on. This issue needs further intense research. People need to be careful with new technology and how addicted we get to it. Everyone constantly has an Ipod and cellphone on them at all times. It is scary how dependant we are on some of these electronics in our lives.

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Ashley Goldberg said...

I think this is an interesting story. I took a look at the Global Neighbourhoods blog as well and I have to agree that maybe this should be looked into. It is a topic that causes some concern, and it will be interesting to see what the outcome is.