Monday, May 7, 2007

John Edward's Haircut

I found this article and thought it was extremely entertaining. It shows that people really do love talking about just about anything and making it into a bigger issue than it is. It refers to an article about John Edwards getting $400 haircuts and how he charged them to his campaign account. Due to his actions, people are giving him negative flack in his political campaign. People feel it showed a lack of judgement and no matter how wealthy you are, you should not charge expensive hiarcuts like the one Edwards got to his campaign budget. I think it is more humorous than a serious issue, but everyone has their opinion.

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Ashley Goldberg said...

I took a look at the article after I saw this entry on your blog. Yeah, I would have to agree that that is pretty funny. People will talk about the craziest things and make them into such big issues!