Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wikipedia Edits

I edited a couple more things on the Shallow Hal wiki. I added the official fox website to the external links part of the page. I thought it would be a good additional source of information about the movie. I also added two different bits of information to the trivia section. I thought it was interesting to know what other movies the producers, theFarrelly Brothers, made and that Gwyneth Paltrow did not use a stunt double and had a to go through a four-hour make up process everyday. Lastly, I added a little paragraph at the end of the plot section just about what type of message the movie represents because I think the producers did a good job at focusing in on the key message of inner beauty and made sure it wouldn't just be taken as a slap stick fat joke type of movie.

I think after my edits the wiki shows a little bit more about the producers and what their intentions were for the movie, some other interesting pieces of information, and a great additional site to find out more about the movie.